Roles And Responsibilities

Key Messages

  • The Camp Management Agency is responsible for the overall management of the camp. This includes coordination and monitoring of assistance, protection and services at camp level, and entails building effective partnerships with a diversity of stakeholders. 
  • The Camp Management Agency needs to establish transparent and inclusive partnerships with all stakeholders involved in the camp. Developing monitoring and feedback systems with service providing agencies, including effective and accessible systems (reports and referrals) for handling complaints and incorporating lessons learned, builds trust and legitimacy. It also ensures accountability, both horizontally and vertically. 
  • The Camp Management Agency works to establish effective and representative camp governance and to promote the camp population’s participation in decision-making and in the daily life of the camp. Well-functioning camp environments depend upon the participation of the camp population. 
  • The human resources required, and the composition and organisation of camp management staff, will differ according to context. The inclusion of women and ­members of other context-specific marginalised groups within the staff, clear roles and responsibilities, as well as training and staff development, are central to the quality and accountability of a Camp Management Agency’s work. 
  • Effective information sharing is key to avoiding duplication of activities, filling gaps in provision and ensuring consistent monitoring and reporting. The Camp Management Agency needs a monitoring system linked to a response strategy that highlights and addresses identified gaps.